Eat Bread Already

Yes, Eat bread already!

Bread is a really hot topic and is targeted as the root of many health problems. Overall, bread gets a bad reputation because grains are not easy for your body to digest, can overwork your pancreatic enzymes, and contain the anti-nutrient phytic acid and an abundance of dreaded gluten. Also, our wheat crops in this country have been through some serious genetic manipulation to make them profitable for the food industry and less healthy for us.

Eating the right bread is key. Eating bread made with organic or sprouted grains is best. Why? Wheat crops are heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. If you are not buying organic wheat you are ingesting small traces of cancer causing pesticides. Farmers spray their wheat heavily with pesticides pre-harvest and again right before harvest. Flour can be treated with any of the 60 different chemicals approved by the FDA.

Just take a look at the ingredient on your loaf of bread right now. Bread ingredients should be Flour, Yeast, Water, Salt, and Sugar (optional). Five ingredients. Most bread on the grocery shelf contains ingredients that are not even food. Example: Azodicarbonamide (a chemical in shoe rubber and yoga mats), other chemical dough conditioners, added sugars, artificial flavorings, coloring, and GMOs.


Check out this video from Your Food’s Roots about why eating the right bread is so important.

Episode 2: Zooey Deschanel on What's In Your Bread

"The bread you're buying isn't actually real bread." — Zooey Deschanel

Posted by Your Food's Roots on Tuesday, November 14, 2017




I like to buy Dave’s Killer Bread. I buy the white done right for my kids and Good seed for myself. I suggest Dave’s Killer Bread because it is affordable and now they carry it at Sams Club. Or make your own! Super simple and Easy. Try this recipe… Whole Wheat Bread